Text Message API Functions


This page is a portal into the powerful TextMarks API autodoc service, providing detailed reference for the full TextMarks RPC API. While most clients will not need this level of integration, we offer this API to those who want to build complex applications on our text messaging platform.

With the functions available here, you could build your own entire white label version of the TextMarks service. Or build the parts you want to customize, and use the main TextMarks web site to manage the rest. All data and keywords used and registered on the TextMarks web site can be managed using these API functions, and vice versa.

Each of the "API Packages" below is a wrapper for a set of functionality. The packages are all available to all customers and are intended to help you find the functions you want and provide an ordering to the rich API. The structure is based primarily on who will be calling the function and with which base parameters. For example, the highest level messaging functions can be found in the "GroupLeader" package, while functions that operate across multiple keywords owned by a single user would be found in "RegisteredUser".

You are welcome to not only explore the function documentation, but you will also find on each page an actual form into which you can type parameters and call the function directly on the web page, viewing the resulting response JSON live without writing a single line of code. This is a great way to start testing how the API works and a tremendous aid in debugging and planning your integration.

For more general API documentation and simpler use cases, please see our API Developer Center Introduction or find client libraries and examples of invoking our API in the more focused subset of this overall API: Send Text Messages by API.

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